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Influencer Marketing

How to tap into micro-influencers as a cost-effective way for growth

Higher engagement rates. Influencers often charge based on their follower numbers and not their engagement metrics. Micro-influencers and nano-influencers influencers usually have a higher engagement rate, leading to lower CPM/CPC, and thus higher ROI.

Watch out for inflated likes. Fake engagement is rife in Instagram with "engagement pods", which are groups where up to 20 users share their photos. Everyone in the pod then 'likes' and 'comments' on each post. The result is a facade that the influencer is popular and has high engagement metrics (200+ likes, 100+ comments) .

Cycle influencer images for paid social ads. Run paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram using images that your influencers have created for you, alongside your existing campaigns. Remember to clarify with your influencers early on that you intend to do this.

To pay or not to pay? We believe that everyone should be paid for creative work. That being said, if you're offering a highly-priced product for free, some influencers might accept the product as compensation.

COVID-19 Tips

Free ad credits & resources to support SMEs during this COVID-19 crisis

Free Google Ad Credits. Google is providing free Google Ad Credits for SMEs who have advertised with Google since the beginning of 2019. Total sum of $340m to give away until end 2020. Learn more here.

Facebook Small Business Grants. Facebook is providing $100m in free cash grants and ad credits to small businesses affected by the global outbreak. Learn more here.

Support from us. Traktion has compiled a list of free remote working tools for startups, and we're also offering our Smart Dashboard for free as a 'mission control' for your company during these tough times.

COVID-19 Tips

Update your e-commerce availability

Ready for search. Update your Google My Business listings to signal that your online sales channels are operating as usual, even if your physical retail channels might be closed or have reduced operating hours, so customers are redirected properly when they search for your service/product.

Update your store & socials. Make a post on your social channels and add a site-wide popup banner. Explain that you are operating as usual, taking precautions, and that customers should expect delivery delays due to production delays or courier logistics bottlenecks.

Do NOT send an email simply to tell people you are open. The time has passed for companies to reassure customers that you are still open. Chances are your SaaS or ecommerce company is simply irrelevant to the crisis, and you piling on yet another mailer into busy inboxes will likely lead to frustrated unsubscribes.

Contextualise your communications. Take a more calm, reassuring tone in your communications. If you need to send a mailer, consider providing a freebie such as discounts or gift coupon, or announcing new relevant products.


Improve your email open rates by culling your lists every 4-6 months

Understanding mail deliverability. Gmail can track how people generally interact with your emails — do they delete it when it first pops up, do they bounce immediately after opening your mail? The higher the percentage of users that dislike your emails, the higher the likelihood it is seen as junk mail.

Cull your lists and test open rates. To test for higher open rates, duplicate your existing lists, and remove people who have not opened your email in the last 4-6 months. Run your next campaign via this list. A higher engagement rate also leads to higher deliverability.

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