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Traktion uses a data-driven approach to digital marketing

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Digital marketing for RevolutDigital marketing for LegoDigital marketing for DeliverooDigital marketing for HPDigital marketing for UberDigital marketing for AudiDigital marketing for AmazonDigital marketing for UnileverDigital marketing for sumupDigital marketing for SAP

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*By matching businesses to their best-fit digital marketers, we charge your best-fit marketer a referral fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What digital marketing campaigns can I run?

Traktion can match you to your best-fit digital marketers for any campaign.

Our global network of vetted experts have ran successful B2C and B2B campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, as well as Google AdWords, Taboola, AdRoll and OutBrain. We also have verified experts in SEO, Email Marketing and Display Ads.

How is this better than me finding my own marketer?

Our data-driven approach vets every digital marketer on our platform to ensure quality, so you can find the right talent for your marketing campaigns. Our data-driven approach ensures that you'll be matched to great marketers who understand your industry, unique objectives, and 20+ factors.

How do you vet your digital marketers?

Our due diligence process vets each digital marketer, verifying their track record of success, industry expertise of marketing channels, industry experience, geographies and consumer demographies.

We've spent countless hours interviewing digital marketers and asking the right questions, so you don't have to.

How much does Traktion cost to use?

For a limited time only, we're completely free-to-use for brands and companies. Currently, by connecting you to your best-fit marketer who is uniquely positioned to optimize ROI, Traktion charges your digital marketer a referral fee.

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Companies have hired Traktion Experts for the following objectives

Increase Qualified Leads
Increase Brand Awareness
Increase Brand Engagement
Increase Social Media Following
Increase Newsletter Subscribers
Increase Page Likes

Increase E-Commerce Sales
Increase Web Traffic
Increase App Downloads
Product Launch In New Markets
Growing Market Share
Lead Generation
Improve Customer Retention Rate
Improve Conversion Rate
Improve Cost-per-Click (CPC)
Improve Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA)
Improve Cost-per-Mille (CPM)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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